Girls of all ages love Mermaid Photos in Orange Beach!

Amanda was vacationing in Orange Beach with 4 generations.  Her mom, grandmom, and daughter were on the Girls Trip of a lifetime.  They had 2 requests of their photographer, a generational photo, and a mermaid picture of Addison.  We got them both and then some!

Gulf Shores photographers

Can you take the cuteness?

Decorations for Addison’s room of Mermaid Photos in Orange Beach was our first assignment.

When a photographer hears a request like this, we get giddy.  It is not every day we get to meet a mermaid for photos in Orange Beach!  Although this was not our first rodeo, we have met a few mermaids believe it or not.  Our daughter, along with several other clients have purchased one of these functional swimsuits that photograph well and make swimming fun!

mermaid decorations Orange Beach

Which one will make it to the big canvas?

We get lots of attention while taking these Mermaid Photos in Orange Beach!

Families walking on the beach just had to smile.  How sweet, fun, and girly is this photo session!  My only question is how many Mermaid photos can be displayed on Addison’s walls?  Which is your favorite picture?  I cannot decide and hope Amanda can’t either.  She should display a large canvas all over her room!

beach portraits Alabama

Everyone that passed us had to stop and smile. Addison, you are the most precious mermaid at the beach today!

beach pictures in Alabama

What a pretty sunset!

After our Mermaid Photos, we moved on to the next assignment.  The very important photo of the four generations.

It is not often that we get Four Generations in one photo.  This Girls Trip is going to be very memorable and we are so glad that Amanda chose Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach to capture her photos of these ladies.  When it was all said and done, we got photos of every combination possible of the 4 ladies.

Girls Trip Gulf Shores photos

One of my favorite lifestyle photos of the 4 generations.

As usual, we were able to capture a mix of posed and lifestyle photos.

The fun, casual, candid style of photography is definitely our style and a favorite of many of our clients.  We also see the importance of a few formal, facing the camera, beach portraits.  No matter which you prefer, we aim to please, so let us know and we will be happy to fulfill your every request.

photographer mini sessions Orange Beach

And a nice formal photo of the ladies!