Oh Brother

Oh, Brother, That is a cute photo! These boys are adorable, aren’t they? I was so pleased that the Brown Family trusted me to take their extended family beach photos! The group included siblings, their spouses, two kids each, and one very proud set of grandparents!

These photos will be a treasure for years to come!

Not only for the grandparents of these 4 darlings but also for the parents and kids. How much fun will it be in the future for these cousins to look back at their beach vacation photos together and reminisce about the good ol’ days? Better yet, continue the traditions and keep the fun going year after year!

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Sweet siblings!

Remember to live your best life!

While you are at your busiest, life can be at its sweetest. Your hands are full, but if you stop and notice, your heart is even fuller! These are the times that you will want back! You young parents who still have energy cherish these babies and enjoy every minute. Time flies!

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The Whole Family. Now that is a cute shot if I do say so!

Oh, Brother, these are good times!

The sweet sounds of laughter, childhood innocence, and young families’ big dreams are reasons to come together. As often as possible, get with your people in a place where you can relax and take it all in. A beach vacation is the perfect prescription for everyone!

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Can I tell you about my Grandchildren? Better yet, let me show you!

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Oh Brother Family photography

Family is everything!

Kids don’t need a perfect childhood; they need a happy one.

There is no way to control life or protect our little ones from everything the world throws their way. However, as parents, we can provide the love and support that strengthens our babies to handle life. The best way to strengthen bonds is to share time together. Quality time that makes an impression on your family that lasts a lifetime. Vacations can do that!

A good photographer can capture these bonds.

A great photograph stands the test of time and touches your heart. The best photos can change a person and leave you a better person for having seen them. Oh, brother, I want to take that photo of your family!