Ono Island Family Photos

Taking Ono Island family photos makes perfect sense when you live in paradise. This is the second time I have been invited to take sunrise photos on the bay for Carol’s extended family. She wanted pictures of all her grandchildren while they were visiting town for the weekend.

The Sunrise on the bay was lovely!

Ono Island Family photos work out well for this crew. Carol says this is their happy place, so there is no need to pack everyone in the car and meet at a beach. It all happens right here!

Ono Island in Orange Beach, Alabama.

This is Carol’s world right here!

Laughter, connections, and memories!

This group of well-behaved grandchildren makes the best memories at their grandmom’s house on Old River. All cousins look forward to getting together for holidays here in town. Fishing from the pier, boating, pooling, or just sitting on the porch are all places to connect with family.

Beach Shutters Photography travels!

We love seeing different locations and trying new photo spots. It is a fun project for us to arrive at and examine the possibilities. At this home on Ono Island, we found that the best background for family photos would be sunrise at the dock. The last time we took this group’s photos, they were all very small, so we used the back porch. Now that they are teens and pre-teens, the narrow walk down the boat dock was the best background!

Orange Beach Alabama Photographers.

Carol is not the tallest one anymore!

I can see this photo on canvas, displayed in all of the relative’s homes.

You are making memories in progress! We are documenting the good times being had at Grandmom’s house. Thank you, Carol, for allowing us to take your family photos at your home on Ono Island. Waking up early was worth the view at sunrise.

Gulf Shores, Alabama photography

Love, Love, Love!

We look forward to catching up with this big, beautiful bunch of grandchildren next time!