Orange Beach Photography

When you think Orange Beach Family Photography, think Beach Shutters! Beach Portraits in Orange Beach, Alabama, are what we do best ALL SUMMER LONG! I know we have the best career in the world. Getting to hang out with vacationers and seeing every sunset & many sunrises is a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Great Family Beach Portraits by Beach Shutters

Happy Harper!

Jealous yet?

Kimberly is a photographer in her hometown. She likes the look of beach portraits and wanted the opportunity to enjoy the experience for herself. She chose Beach Shutters to take care of the camera, editing, and posing while she just smiled and looked pretty. Click here to see more of the Russell Family’s photo shoot.

Family Beach Portraits in Orange Beach

Big sister is awake and looking beautiful at sunrise!

Sunset or Sunrise, what is your preference?

Kimberly chose Sunrise since her youngest, Harper, does better in the morning. Her teenage daughters had to suck it up and go with mom’s plan, although they would have more than likely preferred sunset. The girls were excellent sports and smiled like supermodels!

natural light photography in Orange Beach

The oldest daughter is a shining example to her younger siblings. She is a natural in front of the camera!

Beach Shutters knows all the tricks to Orange Beach Photography.

We have our favorite camera settings dialed in for beach photos. The lighting and sunset/sunrise colors present a unique and ever-changing camera and editing style. From years of experience, lots of experimenting, trials & a few errors, we have it close to perfect!

Beach Chic Photography in Orange Beach, Al.

Got it from my sisters!

Getting the weather to cooperate is next!

Our photographers can work with most days’ weather, from sunny skies to full clouds, and everywhere in between is acceptable for us. We have developed editing styles and presets for all of these. The wind and pop-up rain showers are another stories. We will try to reschedule these days if your schedule allows it! The good news is, besides the heat, most Spring & Summer days in Orange Beach are lovely for photography.

Let’s meet at the beach & take photos. Together, we can make magic!

Photo cred: Trey Stone, photographer at Beach Shutters Photography, Orange Beach, Al.