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Pet Friendly Photographer in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores

Beach Shutters is a pet friendly photographer in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

We realize that your pet is a part of your family too.  More and more condos and hotels are allowing pets to vacation with their families.  We are slowly becoming a dog-friendly nation.  Beach vacations bring the family together, which makes it a great time for a family portrait.  If your fur baby is lucky enough to tag along on the trip, bring him to photos!  Not only does a pet complete the family, he may just be the center of attention.  Face it, who doesn’t love a cute dog pic?  it just seems so wholesome and all-American.

If the idea of having to wrestle your pup into a family photo stresses you out, I understand.

It is hard enough to get the kids dressed and arrive for photos with no ketchup on your shirt.  To bring a dog, may sound impossible.  It is not.  I have a few meeting spots that are pet friendly.  We can grab the first couple of photos with the furry fella.  Afterwards, one of my assistants will come along to hold the leash while we finish up with individual photos and anything else you have in mind without the dog.

So go ahead, incorporate your pet into the Family Photo.

It may just be your new favorite family portrait!  Humans are much more comfortable if they have something to do during the photo session.  Keeping up with the family pup may be just what you need.  This will create a fun and candid photo that requires less posing.  The excitement and challenge of getting a dog to cooperate take the edge off.  The result can be especially rewarding knowing that the whole family is captured in the perfect portrait.  The best memories include the ones we love, Two and Four-legged.  Thanks for letting us be your pet friendly photographer while you are visiting Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!

a Photographer that is Pet-friendly in Gulf Shores Alabama

My humans are engaged!

Pet Friendly Photographer in Gulf Shores

A Birthday Treat for Scout

Orange Beach Pet-friendly photographer

Life is Better with a Dog!

Gulf Shores pet friendly photographer

All you need is Love & a Dog!

Pet friendly photographer in Orange Beach Alabama

Our New Puppy!

Pet-friendly art and photographer

I must have this Piece