Photo Sessions at Sunrise

Sunrise or sunset?  That is the big question when scheduling your family beach portrait session in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores.  We all know the convenience of sunset, it is at the end of the day, you are getting dressed up for dinner anyway, so it just makes sense to take photos on the way out to your favorite restaurant.

photographers in Gulf Shores

Morning light is beautiful!

Have you ever considered sunrise for your photo sessions?

Jordan and her family opted for sunrise, and I think it suited them perfectly.  Here are a few advantages to choosing the early morning for your family photos:  The kids are in a great mood usually, even if dad is not, lol.  There are fewer people out on the beach first thing in the morn, and best of all, it is cooler in the morning.

perdido beach resort

Good morning to you!

Good Morning Sunshine!

Photo sessions that start early in the day give me a feeling of accomplishment.  I don’t know about you, but being awake and out on the beach before everyone else has rolled out of bed energizes me!  Although sunset and sunrise provide the same soft photo light, there is something about the early morning hours that has its own feel.

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What’s for breakfast?

Rise and Shine photo sessions, you rock!

If you are a fan of the rocks (the Jetties at Alabama Point East) then sunrise is definitely the best chance to get a spot on the rocks.  They are quite crowded in the evening and empty in the morn.. except the occasional fisherman.

family pictures in Gulf Shores

Handsome boy!

It is up to you!  Are you a morning person or do you prefer evenings?

Clear water in Orange Beach

The Jetties on a clear day!

After seeing these sunrise examples, I hope those of you that have young kids will consider the benefits of a sunrise session.  This particular family was staying at the Perdido Beach Resort, which photographs well at sunrise already.  We just met at the pool a couple of minutes before the sun popped up and walked to the rocks.

Warning, do not try this with teenagers!

There is one age group that I don’t advise sunrise photos, lol.  Teenagers are not so thrilled when mom arranges early morning activities during vacation time.  The will probably be much more cooperative at sunset!  Either way, you cannot go wrong, sunset or sunrise both provide a magical light with plenty of color in the sky.