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Photographer in Orange Beach

Why should you hire a photographer in Orange Beach, while you’re here on vacation?  Have you ever heard the expression “A Photograph is worth a Thousand Words”, or  “Photography Tells the Story that no words can describe”?  I believe these statements are so true.  It is my mission to create and capture light-hearted, candid moments of you and your loved ones. I strive to make each session stress-free, and hope that you walk away with a satisfied feeling, knowing that it was a good experience for your family.  I want you to expect and look forward to receiving some awesome photos shortly after returning home from your vacation.  By allowing me to take control of your photo session,  you get relax and just be you.

I can worry about the poses, lighting, camera angles,  composition, and the background.  This is in itself a good reason to put down the camera and let someone else do the dirty work, or should I say sandy work!  During a photo shoot I will roll around in the sand to ensure that I get the perfect shot!  During your session, I will instruct a few simple suggestions to you and the family, such as everyone smile at the baby.. or lean on dad slightly, maybe kiss mom on the cheek!  (the boys may fuss, but usually they will cooperate, and what a sweet pic)!  We capture a nice variety of posed and traditional photos, as well as some casual, playful pics.  The goal is basically some very quality “fun at the the beach” pics.

There may be a piggyback ride, or run down the beach photo for those that are willing!

Yes we may get sweaty or splashed by the surf, but it will be worth the trouble when you see your finished product!  Let’s talk about the equipment for a moment.  I use a professional camera body, and have a selection of pro level lenses.  Natural light is all that is needed to capture a flattering portrait.  Sunset or sunrise offers that perfect soft light, as well as an evenly overcast afternoon.  I always try to time my shoot to avoid squinting and shadows.  This being said, with low light, the equipment is very important.  Have you ever taken a phone pic in the evening without a flash?  It does not have the desired clarity, or maybe you cannot see details in the faces due to light behind the subject.

Our equipment is High End  and we know how to use it.

We change settings constantly during your photo session.  This allows us to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, or change the depth of field.  You will be amazed at what can be accomplished with an expensive pro camera and lens.  This is not the end of your photo process.  Edits, edits and more edits!  The image could be finished “as is”  but I take joy in using a RAW setting that allows further edits.  I like to turn a photo into art.  In my Editing software I can change the exposure, color, contrast and even the texture of an otherwise average photo, making it spectacular.  Each photo is chosen carefully for your collection according to the content, expressions, and clarity.  Now it goes through my editing process, from the basic white balance, straighten the horizon, and enhance the background, to the fine details of your face.

I like to add a sparkle to your eyes, and whiten the teeth if needed.

I take your face to a 3:1 size to examine it and remove unwanted blemishes, maybe a wrinkle or two, or just soften the skin to even it out.   The next step is to take it back to the drawing board for final edits and cropping.   This will ensure that your photo is as extraordinary as possible!  So go ahead and hire a photographer in Orange Beach!  It takes the pressure off you.  We own the proper gear, know the area, and can get the shot.  I have the experience and know how to deal with fully babies and even a few grumpy grandpas.   I am honored to capture the magical moments of your vacation, wedding or engagement!

Hey, it is not that expensive, maybe even less than an evening out-to-dinner, and usually takes less than an hour of your evening.  The images will warm your heart and fill your home with timeless memories!  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture your family photos. Thank you for visiting my website and reading my ramblings about photography.  I am honored to be considered as your family photographer in Orange Beach!

Photographer Gulf Shores Alabama taking pictures in the West Beach Area

Sisters in Gulf Shores

for family photos and Children's portraits done by Beach Shutters a Photographer in Orange Beach Alabama

Baby kisses

family photographer in Orange Beach Alabama

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Photographer in Orange Beach for family and wedding photography

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