Project Description

Photographing Redheads

When photographing Redheads, I keep in mind that only 2% of the population has naturally red hair.  This gets 100% of my attention!  I am Seeing RED!  Redheads stand out in a crowd, the vivid color catches the eye, so no wonder my lens loves a redhead.  Most of my clients are vacationers, so naturally they like the beach background.  The blue sky and water provide an excellent contrast for red hair.  Now, can we talk freckles?  Many redheads are also freckled. I have personally found that my camera is so much easier to focus when my model is freckled.  There are sometimes hundreds of focal points on the face. This makes the eyes, mouth and other features are sharper and extremely well-focused. Therefore, easier to edit for a very dramatic look.  So yes, I am a little partial to photographing redheads!