Photography in Gulf Shores

Now that is Doggone cute!  Sometimes photography with pets in Gulf Shores can be challenging, other times it is downright entertaining.  This was one of those times.  C.J., you are a silly dog!

dogs on the beach in Alabama

Just call us the dog whisperers!
Beach Shutters Photography

We wanted to include the family dog in a few photos.

C.J. had something else in mind.  He wanted to “STAR in all of the family beach portraits”!  He got his wish, as well as making us laugh.  Now that is a fun family photography session that I will always remember!

photography in Gulf Shores Alabama

C.J. is on duty!

Throw a ball!

We couldn’t throw it far enough.  C.J. would fetch the ball and bring it back faster than we could pose the family.  He could hand the ball over to Chris & settle into his best puppy pose lickety-split.

Photography in Orange Beach

No kidding, he would run get the ball & join the family before we could take a photo.

Beach Shutters offers pet-friendly photography in Gulf Shores!

As long as your beach and rental allow pets, we are happy to be your doggie photographer in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, Alabama.  Keep in mind, the city limits do not allow pets, so be sure to check with your rental company before packing bringing the pup.

beach portraits Gulf Shores Alabama

Have you noticed his bow tie? C.J. is also freshly groomed and such a handsome boy!

C.J. and his family made arrangements ahead of time for their photo session.

When you get the “all clear” from your rental and beach access, let us know!   Pets are always welcome in our photo session, as long as we have permission from the rental company.

Beaches in Alabama

Good dog! Good people!
That was a fun photo session.

Leaving your pet at the spa?

Yes, Gulf Shores does have a few pet spas, lol.  When vacationing at our Alabama beaches, you can arrange a pet vacation at the same time!  Do your research and find out which “pet stay and play” services have openings ahead of time.

beaches in Alabama

Could we have had a more photogenic dog?

Family photo sessions are always fun in Gulf Shores!

This particular family was staying in Fort Morgan, Alabama.  Fort Morgan is part of Gulf Shores, but not in the city limits.  The beaches are less crowded, and the rental homes are plentiful!  Humans & pups love to vacation in Fort Morgan!