Beach Photography with Teens

Take all of the photos that you can while your kids are little.  Childhood flies by, and before we know it, all we have are those sweet little baby photos.  Oh, how I love looking at my children’s baby photos!  I think my kids were the cutest babies in the world, and I happen to have the photos to prove it, lol!  The years between childhood and adulthood fly by too.  For this reason, photography with teens is just as important.

Gulf Shores photography with teens

What beautiful teenagers!

Gulf Shores Alabama best photographers

What a beautiful day for photos!

How do we get teens to cooperate with photography?

The same as with children, you bribe them!  Maybe not with ice cream, but a nice dinner out, or let them borrow the car.  However, you can, make it happen!  As much as we like to complain about our independent, sometimes ornery teenagers, this phase will pass just as fast as childhood.  Then they will be off to college and life as you have known it will be a memory.

photography in Orange Beach with teenagers

Dad and his teenage girls.

beach portraits sunset Orange Beach

Don’t forget a shot of mom and dad!


Photography with teens has it’s own advantages.

When they were little, we had to work around naps and dinner times for photos.  Even a hungry teen will be cooperative for family photos.  It is much easier to reason with the kids once they reach their teenage years.  Photography with teens is quick and painless and can take less time than with any other age group.

Alabama beach mini sessions

A classic family photo with the teenagers.

We like to keep our photo sessions light and fun, perfect for photography with teens.

Stiff posed photos don’t usually appeal to our younger generation.  Our Instagram generation knows about fun, relevant lifestyle photos.  They are much more agreeable to taking beach pictures than studio portraits.  In fact, a new post on their social media from the beach may be all of the bribery needed to get your teens excited about photography.

Instagram photos Orange Beach

Is this Instagram worthy? I would say yes, indeed!

Soon this crew that is eating up all of your groceries and using up the internet in your home will be starting families of their own.

Make sure to document your family memories, all of them, with photos.  Yes, the next phase is coming quick… there will be senior portraits, engagement sessions, wedding photography, and soon enough, grandbabies.  For today, let’s just focus on family photography with teens!

family beach pictures in Orange Beach

That pleasing look. We did it! One more year of family photos before they all grow up!

Thank you for reading my post about photography with teens!  We love to photograph people of all ages and we hope you consider us for all of your beach portrait needs!