Let’s talk about taking photos at Alabama Point East!

Molly & Sarah are good friends.  Such good friends that they planned a vacation together.. along with their boyfriends of course.  Molly had no clue that her boyfriend had a ring in his pocket, and a message in a bottle!  Please scroll through these photos to see the most romantic proposal photos at Alabama Point East!

Sarah made sure to keep this big secret.

She also arranged to have photos of this most picturesque proposal!  I was lucky enough to be the one taking these photos.. and I have to say, this one made me tear up!

Why this particular setting was perfect for this photo shoot and maybe yours:

This is one of our most popular photo locations.  What makes it so popular?  The rocks!  Most evenings you can find families, fishermen, and photographers, of course.  There is something about the jetties that draws folks in.  Not only the large granite rocks, but there is much more to this location.

What will you find at the end of the walk?

When folks choose to have their photos taken at Alabama Point East, I start by mentioning the long walk.  This particular location does involve a 1/4 mile walk down a wooden walkway.  The good news is what you will find at the end.  There are dunes, sea oats, a sand trail, the boardwalk, and the rocks!

No wonder APE is so popular, right!

With this many backgrounds in one location, it makes a great choice!  The only time I ask people to carefully consider having photos at Alabama Point East are those traveling with babies and elderly.  The walk can be a bit much for our older family members.  This also goes for strollers, and carrying our toddlers!

best friends at Alabama Point East in Orange Beach Alabama

Sarah & Molly

Engagement and Photography at the Alabama Point East

Marry Me, Molly?

engagement photo session in Orange Beach Alabama

Message in a Bottle

Photography at Alabama Point East Orange Beach

Blue is your color

photo locations in Orange Beach Alabama

At the Rocks

Thanks again for taking the time to read my post about APE.

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