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So you are planning your beach vacation in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores.  Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cute outfit or two.  While you are here, it is a great time to schedule your portrait photography in Orange Beach!

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What is involved in a photo session with Beach Shutters Photography?

I am glad you asked!  We like to keep our sessions simple and painless.  Our goal is to build a rapport with the clients, find the best settings and composition.  Portrait photography in Orange Beach is all about capturing the personality of your family in the best light.  Usually, this means sunset or sunrise lighting.  We meet our clients according, for a thirty-minute or hour session at the beach.  Your only job is to show up refreshed and ready for fun.  Beach Shutters can take care of the rest.

We have embraced the idea of beach portraits fully.

Some photographers are not willing to take their expensive equipment out in the weather, salt, and sand.  This is something that I have had to get past myself.  There is just something about meeting new amazing families every day that makes me love my job.  Yes, my equipment experiences a little extra wear and tear, but it is totally worth it!  You guys are always smiling and having fun, for goodness sakes, you’re on vacation!  I think we feed off of each others attitude, and when you are in vacation mode, it is easy to bring that happiness with you into the photos.

Awesome vacation photos are a part of the modern travel experience.

Portrait photography in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores has become increasingly popular.  Not just in our area, but in any resort town.  Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all a part of our lives.  We have what it takes to help you share the best images of your vacation!  Our experience, equipment, and happy clients have allowed us the pleasure of serving hundreds of vacationers just like you.


Here are a few of our steps to create the perfect beach portrait for you.

  1. We prefer prime lenses.  This provides the clear, crisp, bright look that we like.
  2. Find different angles for shooting our subjects.  This means getting sandy most of the time, lol.  Everybody gets a little sandy or wet usually, including you and me
  3. Use the sun as a light source.  There is a big difference between flash photography and natural light photos.  I personally prefer the creamy, soft look of natural light as opposed to shiny and stark.