Portraits at the Beach

Portraits at the beach are like watercolor art! Sunset brings out the soft colors and muted lighting that make a family beach picture an heirloom. Here are a few examples of a photo shoot from last week that caught my eye. Aren’t they simply amazing?

Gulf Shores Photographers

Happy memories in progress!

This family rocked their photo session!

Bringing a baby to the beach is so much fun! They see this big world for the first time and take it all in. The beach can be a magical experience or a bit scary, depending on how it is presented. You never know how a toddler will respond. A few helpful hints for bringing little ones to beach photos are Sunrise! Babies are rested and ready for a big day. The mornings are calm and peaceful, without the distractions that keep your little one focused. Well-fed babies are happy babies! Keeping the belly full and stimulating the surroundings down are 2 ways to ensure good photos with our younger family members.

Introduce the water and sand slowly. If you can, take the baby out on the beach before photo day. Let them ease into the sand and feel the texture. When learning to walk or crawl, the shifty sand makes some babies unsure of their grounding. The water is significant, and the waves are loud! Gently show babies the water and bring a cup or bucket to allow them to touch and play by the shore before dipping their feet into the water. Easy does it!

Orange Beach Photographers

Introducing babies to the sand & waves slowly seems to be the key!

Portraits at the beach are like no other photography experience.

The beach itself is everchanging, as are the clouds and waves, and, of course, there is never the same sunrise or sunset. We never know what we will get out there. Most days, it is perfectly imperfect! With the right mindset, a beach photo session can be like playtime. Wind, ok. Heat, we can take it for a few minutes. Waves and surf are great! The motion of the ocean compliments busy little families for the lifestyle photography look that is so popular now.

Beach Portraits of an extended family.

The Whole Family!

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