Real Estate Photos in Orange Beach

This particular property speaks for itself as far as size and location.  The realtor that has the listing for this penthouse unit asked for a magazine-like photo shoot.  She was not concerned about showing the size of the rooms but wanted to emphasize the textures and the quality of the furnishings.

The colors were taken from the sea & sand.

When you walk off the elevator, you step right into this unit.  The entire floor belongs to this penthouse!  The real estate photos needed to convey the sheer magnificence of the condo.

It is all in the details!

If you notice, the vase matches the bathroom wallpaper, which matches the pillowcases, which has the same texture as the wallpaper.. shall I go on?  You get the gest of it.  When a unit of this magnitude is being sold furnished, it is important to capture the details.

Can you picture yourself here?

When taking real estate photos in Orange Beach, it is my goal to show the property in the best light possible.  I want to lighten, brighten and enhance what I can, and minimize what I cannot.  If I can make you want to buy or rent a place based on a photo, then I have done my job.

Is equipment important?

Absolutely!  When taking real estate photos, it is best to use a wide angle lens.  This allows us to capture the entire room in a single photo.  You can see the entire property in fewer photos.

What about lighting?

We have it!  Natural light is very important when photographing real estate.  When there is not enough natural light, for one reason or another, we bring our own lights.  So even if there are not enough windows to show off your place, we can do it with artificial lights!

Hire a pro to take your real estate photos!

Our equipment and expertise will show off your property like no other.  When a phone photo can’t do justice to your condo or beach house, we can make it look even better than it does in reality.

real estate photography in Orange Beach

Seaside colors

real estate photographer Orange Beach

Something Blue

real estate photos in Orange Beach

Bunk room with a view

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