What is your reason for family pictures?

I like to think it is simply the best way to remember joyful times.  Having a snapshot can keep a good memory alive forever.  There are so many events and people in my life that I would give anything to have a photo of.  In my opinion, you can’t have enough pictures of the ones and the places that you love.

beach pictures

Time is precious, so is Charlotte!

We were together, I forget the rest.

Vacations are the highlight of the year for most of us.  For this reason, it is a wonderful time to hire a professional photographer to capture the best images of your family.  Photographers have the equipment, ability, and experience to convey ideas in an artistic and creative way.  Best of all, it takes the pressure off of you.  Your job is to relax and enjoy your session, and let your Orange Beach photographer wrangle the family!

baby photos at the beach

Time stood still

Time is precious, that in itself is a reason for pictures.

We obviously cannot go back into the past, but a photo can get us pretty close.  Taking a picture can allow us to hold on to a moment for a little bit longer. It is a way to remember things just as they are, frozen in time, and that is pretty magical.

beach portraits in Perdido Key

Wish you were here!

Vacations are too short!

Do you ever notice how time flys when you are having fun?  This is so true when you are on vacation.  After waiting all year, and counting down the days, it seems to be over so fast.  Being able to look back at a vacation photo is a great reason for taking pictures.

Daddy Daughter Orange Beach

Daddy’s little angel

A photograph of summer vacation can allow us to relive our travel experience later.

That can bring a warm smile to a long winter day at the office, can’t it!  So if you needed a reason for taking pictures on vacation, you have it!  To schedule your beach photo session with us, send an email to beachshutters@gmail.com.  If you have a minute, please browse through our gallery to see lots of happy vacationing families, or read my blog for inspiration for your next vacation photos.

couples photos

Alway get a photo with your person!