Share a Session

While vacationing with friends you can share a photo session!  This is a great way to save a few dollars on a photo session, and have a good time with friends.  Think about it, you’re already going to dress up for dinner one night, how about let that be photo night?  It is always fun to have an extra family along to make the kids laugh.

Meet Kassie & Tarah

These two friends planned a vacation since they have kids the same age, and husbands that are buddies.  Splitting a photo package works the same as splitting a condo or beach house.  It saves both families money, entertains the kids, and is more fun than going alone.  It is a win-win in my opinion!

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Lifestyle photos are the best

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Free to be Me

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Quick, before the kids run in

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found a crab

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Family Photography

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When they are getting along

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Share a session with another family

My kid never smiles, says Tarah

Tarah’s youngest does not care for the sand, or photographers, haha.  It is hard to get her to smile for a photo, and Tarah said she would be happy with serious photos, as long as her daughter was not crying.  Not only did she smile, she laughed and played at photos!  I think having friends along helped lighten the mood and allowed her to see the friends have fun.

Peer pressure at it’s best!

When you share a photo session with another family, you get to take turns being in front of the camera.  This allows the kids (and dads) to see how much fun the other family is having.  When it is your turn, it is on!  Almost like a competition, lol!  We have actually played games and had our own dance-off’s with families, it is always fun!

When it is not your turn the kids can play together.

At this particular session, the kids caught a pretty big crab.  You know that made a cute photo!  Then while we got a couple of shots of the parents, we had babysitters.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Bring your friends to share a photo session!

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