Single Mom Photos

Meet Cassie; she says she needs this vacation more than ever. She also wanted to take single mom photos; since her life has recently changed, she needed to update the family pictures. I understand because I, too, was once a single mom. Documenting your children’s lives with photos is still essential, even when there are other pressing issues in life. Maybe even more important than ever!

beach photographers in Alabama

We needed this trip! I needed it as much as the children!

Traveling in the company of those we love is good medicine for the soul.

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This is the new Us, and we are the perfect family!

Going through a divorce is tough. Not only for mom but also kids of all ages find this time confusing and troubling. When possible, break out of the routine and plan something fun. A picnic, a day at the park, or a family vacation will remind the children that everything will be ok.

Single mom vacation photos

First time at the beach. Do you remember the feel of the sand, the sound of the waves & the smell of salt in the air?

Alabama beach portraits

You were meant to do great things, Cassie!

A vacation was what Cassie and her kids needed to regroup and recharge.

Here they are, at the beach, doing what families do best! Laughing, playing, and chasing a few seagulls. After a fun day on our local pirate ship, the kids dressed in their white & cream photos clothes and headed to the beach. The photo session was supposed to be for mom, but guess what? The children had a great time too!

Family photographer girl with a blue herron.

Carley was a bit nervous about approaching Fred, our local photo bomber!

Cassie had tears in her eyes, the happy kind!

It may not have been the first family beach trip that she had imagined, but it was a lovely vacation indeed. It made this single mom proud to be able to accomplish everything on her own. Vacation, activities, outfits, and photos, all done! She will look back and know that she did all that she could to keep the transition into single parenthood as normal as possible.

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Can you feel the love!

Just look at those smiles!

Juggling school, work, and long hours have been tough. This vacation will allow Cassie to feel energized and rewarded for her hard work. The smiles on her kid’s faces and a few days at the beach were worth the sacrifice, for sure!

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This one deserves to be on canvas!

“Oh, my goodness! I’m in tears!!! These are exactly what I hoped for! Thank you so much!”  was the text I got from Cassie! Now I am in tears, lol. She plans to display the photos on large canvas throughout her home. This makes me so very happy!