Beach Shutters Photography is your family storyteller. Our family lifestyle photos stand out among the crowd! As photographers in Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, we meet happy, energetic, vacationing families daily. The love & connections that we witness among families drive us to deliver the best documentation of your life possible, one frame at a time!

Coastal Alabama photographers

Love the beautiful clouds! Perfect for flying, lol.

Real & Raw photography

Family beach portraits require a multi-task, fast-paced flow for families and photographers alike. The elements are everchanging and demand our attention behind the scenes of each session. Wind direction, sun position, kids’ patience, and dads’ hunger pains are all in the back of my mind as we interact with clients. Keep it moving, simple, entertaining, and uplifting are the words repeating in my mind daily.

Gulf Shores photography

Sweet & Salty! Wind, sun, and feelings all come into account when setting up a pose.

A special kind of family loves a storyteller.

Trust your photographer to guide and direct your family through the beautiful chaos of a family beach photo session. What seems like craziness is a dance between family and photographer. Your part is to engage with your family, all while being aware of your surroundings. We are seeing the big picture and are aware of the rest of your crew’s backgrounds, placement, and expressions. A well-coordinated photo is a family masterpiece, mainly when mother nature and toddlers cooperate. The planets align!

Happy photos in Perdido Key, Florida.

Still my best girl!

The Outcome.

As a storyteller, my dream outcome involves more than four people smiling at the camera. I want to see the love, interaction, and engagement between you and your family. Lifestyle photos that look unposed but well-choreographed are the stories that I would like to tell repeatedly! Your story is a magical fairytale that deserves to be well illustrated.

Storyteller photography in Orange Beach, Al.

You bring the story, we will be your personal storyteller!

About this story.

Originally from Pensacola, the family pictured visits family in the area each summer. I am so proud to be their “home away from home family photographer” and look forward to seeing this lovely family year after year. Beach Shutters would also like to be your local Orange Beach, Gulf Shores & Perdido Key photographers!