Sunrise Sessions

When the kids are young, a day at the beach can wear them out.  We know that sunset photography may not be in the cards for families with toddlers.  For this very reason, Beach Shutters Photography is available for sunrise sessions in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama.  Our photographers are happy to meet you bright and early.

sunrise sessions in Gulf Shores Alabama

Good morning, sunshine!

This is an example of one of our sunrise sessions in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

It is early, it is beautiful, it is cooler, it is sunrise!  The time of day that most families are still asleep, so the beaches are less crowded.  If you are able to drag the family out of bed, you will not be disappointed.  The early morning sky is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit.

Alabama beach photography

Kids are usually morning people when they are at the beach. We all are!

The air is crisp and the sand is fresh early in the morn.

Doesn’t it feel great to be the first footprints of the day?  There is something to be said for seeing the wonders of the Alabama coast before breakfast.  Yes, the crowds will probably join you in a few hours, but for now, it is all yours!  That is amazing in itself.

beach portraits in Alabama

Ready to start the day!

Talk about amazing, sunrise sessions are the bomb!

What better way to start the day than with your family on the beach.  Yes, you can go back inside after your mini-session, but don’t hurry just yet.  There is so much to see in the morning!  A walk on the beach can wake up the senses.  There are seashells to be found, and footprints to be made.

sunset at Orange Beach

Let’s race!

Sunrise sessions start right as the sun starts to rise.

The anticipation is as much fun as the session.  When you walk outside, the sky is beginning to show its colors slowly from dark to purple.  Within minutes, you see the magnificent colors of the sky begin to change as God paints the colors.  Take it in, smile & enjoy.  We will take the photos, while you take in the beauty.

beach portraits in Alabama

Oh, the pastel sky!

best photographers in Orange beach sunrise sessions

Shell collecting is at its best during a sunrise session.