Add a little sunshine to your photo session! Have you noticed most beach photographers only offer sunrise and sunset sessions? There are several reasons for this. Soft light allows for fewer shadows, squinting, and shadows. Beyond that, the sky can be at its prettiest just before sunrise or sunset.

Sunrise photo sessions

Wear what makes you feel beautiful and happy!

Gulf Shores photographers morning photos.

Mornings are typically best for babies. They wake up early anyway, and there are fewer distractions at this hour.

They don’t call it the Golden Hour for nothing.

Beach photos at any other time of day can be stark, lacking personality and colors. The golden hour is appropriately nicknamed due to the golden cast of the sun, and for photographers, it is “good as gold” lighting! Less glare, more beauty!

sunshine photos

Pretty mornings start early around here!

Photographer in Gulf Shores.

Good morning kisses and tickles will get a smile from MG!

Dressed in Yellow!

Meet Hannah and her beautiful family! This year’s theme was sunshine yellow, with flowers in their hair! I have had the privilege of taking her family photos for many years. They update the family photo every year during their beach vacation. For the first few years, we met at sunset. When she added Molly Grace to the family, it was past her bedtime to meet at 7 pm, so they tried sunrise. It was hard at first. Waking up to curl hair and applying makeup in the dark takes commitment. Once we got year one under our belt, they decided it was best for the whole family to stick with sunrise photos.

beach photos at sunrise in Orange Beach

Hi Molly Grace!

They will never go back to the sunset, says dad.

It has become a fun tradition now. Wake up on photo day, wear fancy clothes and then make a reservation at the pirate and princess breakfast at the Hangout. What a fun memory to recreate every vacation!

bright sunshine at the beach

Gonna be a good day!

Orange Beach vacations

Sunshine in the morning always makes a happy photo.

Our meeting spot changes every year, depending on the sunshine.

Last year, the Shores family used their condo beach for convenience. The baby was young, and the sunrise was in view from their beach. Now the MG is one, she travels better, so we met at Johnson’s Beach in Perdido Key. I will see if they want to try the rocks at Alabama Point East next year. We started our photos there in year one. It will be fun to go back and recreate some of the big sister Kylies poses with MG.

Gulf Shores beach portraits

Kylie, you are 8 going on 18!

Happy photos

Good Morning!

mornings at the beach in Alabama

This is a fun photo.

flowers in hair

See the flowers in their hair! So pretty.

Sunshine photography in Gulf Shores

The flowers & yellow clothing make me happy!

Birthday photos in Perdido Key

It is Kylie Bug’s Birthday, so she got to change into her sparkly dress for a few photos.