The Perfect Clouds

These are the perfect Clouds, literally!  Meet the Cloud Family.  Chelse & Brandon scheduled one of our sunrise photo sessions this year.  For more great morning photos, see the Shores family on our portfolio page.  Sunrise has become a trendy choice for good reason!

cloudy day photos at the beach

Dance like no one is watching because they aren’t! Sunrise photos rock.

The mornings are beautiful, and the beaches are empty.

Let’s talk about mornings, shall we?  During the summer months, you know how busy the beaches are in the afternoon and evening.  Well, folks, there are very few people up and out there at 6 a.m.  Maybe a few walkers or shell collectors, but for the most part, just us!   Having the beach to ourselves is great for anyone that is self-conscience about having photos taken.  You Can Dance (or pose for photos) like no one is watching, lol!

the perfect clouds in Gulf Shores

Enjoying this beautiful moment forever!

The Early bird does get the great lighting!

Yes, it does get bright quick.  For this reason, we ask our sunrise families to be out on the beach as soon as the sun rises.  Hard? Yes.  Worth it?  Absolutely!  Especially when we get these perfect clouds!

Orange beach photographers

Family photos can be so artful!

We cannot special order the perfect clouds.

I sure would ask for clouds every evening and every morning.  They just add so much to a family photo session, don’t they.  With a few enhancements and added saturation, a family photo can become a piece of art, worthy of being displayed.

beach portraits in Orange Beach

Mother Daughter beauty.

Now, back to the other perfect Clouds.

Chelse says they have never taken family photos at the beach.  I was so very happy that she decided to use Beach Shutters Photography as her photographer in Orange Beach.  I hope these came out to her liking, and she will contact us again next year for round 2!

perfect clouds for photography

Chelse & Brandon are going to love these photos!

portraits at the beach

I bet this one ends up on a canvas.

things to do on a cloudy day

And this one, most definitely! Frame it!

Planning a vacation to the Alabama Coast?

Pack a cute outfit & make a reservation with us.  Let’s make some magic with photos!   Hopefully, we have a perfect cloud type of day, but if we don’t guess what?  We can use photoshop to add them.  Now, that is another blog.

We would love to be a part of your Orange Beach & Gulf Shores vacation tradition.