From the Photographer’s Eye

When meeting a family for the first time, I quickly have to decide on what type of beach photos we will be taking.  Is this family playful or formal?  Will the kid’s attention span last 5 minutes, or 30?  If we go towards the water right away, will the boys jump in, lol!

photography with a photographer's eye in Orange Beach

I spy a pretty family with my photographer’s eye!

Photographer in Gulf Shores

Fun at photos! We may get wet.

Perdido Key Florida photography

Herding cats was no problem with this precious family!

family photos in Orange Beach Al

Twins! And they are getting along!

Keeping it fresh is always a priority.

We aim to create a successful photograph that is relevant to your needs.  Your expectations are so very important to us, so we are always using our photographer’s eye.    For this reason, Beach Shutters Photography sends out a questionnaire with our booking proposal.  If there is a specific style that you would like, we aim to please.

beach portraits Gulf Shores

Family Love!


Herding Cats!  How to use your photographer’s eye.

Let’s face it, a photographer’s most important task is to manage the crowd.  Even with the best equipment, if there is no plan, things can go awry.  It is important to always use my photographer’s eye and have a vision for each family individually.  If we keep things moving along, the kids won’t lose interest.. this is why some jokingly call it “herding cats”.  That sounds like a hard job… you guys are easy to manage!

Fort Morgan beach portraits

We found this log, which was perfect for a boy to sit on. Handsome!

Composing a beach portrait through the photographer’s eye requires some quick thinking.

After organizing and evaluating a family, my mind goes to the weather situation.  We need to keep the sun either behind or to the side of the subjects so there is no squinting or shadows.  Check the camera settings now.  The wind direction comes into play next.  The ladies with long hair have to face towards the wind, or slightly to the side so we don’t have hair in the face.  Elements, check!  Let’s pose the family now, keeping in mind ages, abilities, and personalities.

photographer's eye in Orange Beach

The wind was blowing just enough to keep her hair out of her face. Pretty!

How is my background looking today?

Are there interesting clouds towards the sunset?  Is the beach crowded, and if so, can I successfully edit out all of the people, chairs, and umbrellas?  Is my family able to hike down the beach to an interesting location?  Sometimes there is an unexpected surprise on the beach such as a log, piece of driftwood, or a stand of sea oats.  Using a photographer’s eye to find a great background is another necessity.

Thanks for visiting the Beach Shutters Photography portfolio page today and reading my blog titled the Photographer’s Eye.  We would love to be your photographer in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Perdido Key, Fort Morgan, or the West Beach area.  Occasionally we also book photo sessions in Destin, Navarre, 30A, Seaside, and Seagrove also.  Our specialty is Family beach portraits, but we also are wedding photographers, and provide real estate photography to local realtors.