Well Dressed Wolf Dresses

Our favorite photo attire for little girls is Well Dressed Wolf Dresses! I have always thought they take the best pictures at the beach, and now your 5-10-year-old daughter can be the star of your photo session. Yay!

New for 22!

Beach Shutters and Beach Life Photography are teaming up to bring the Well Dressed Wolf closet to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. Having these dresses is very exciting news for anyone wondering what their little princess will wear for beach photos.

Do you have a 5-10-year-old daughter?

You are in luck this year! We have an assortment of dresses that you can borrow for your photo session. Other than the cleaning fee of $50 to rent the dress for a 30-minute or hour session, there is no charge.

Here is how it works when you borrow  Well Dressed Wolf Dresses.

Make your dress reservation in advance. We only have a dozen or so in our summer collection, so we need to know in advance if you would like to borrow one of our Well Dressed Wolf Dresses. There will not be a time to try them on, so please bring a backup dress if it doesn’t fit your child.

We have matching dresses for sisters or cousins!

The 3 styles below come in doubles. See the sizes below the photos to see if they will work for your two cuties to be TWINZIES!

dresses to borrow for photo sessions

Pink Collared Dress
Sizes 5 AND 6
We have 2 of these!

children's clothing for beach portraits

Long Pink Sizes 6 AND 8
to dress your girls alike!

Well Dressed Wolf Dress

Peachy Short
Sizes 7 AND 8
We have 2 of these dresses also.

Our dresses are flattering for any body shape.

Well Dressed Wolf Dresses are true to size but offer a sash tie in the back. The sash allows us to cheat the size to tighten or even loosen the waist. For this reason, if your child is close to the size you borrow, the dress will probably fit.

Next, we have our single dresses.

The single dresses allow your daughter to be one of a kind. Sisters and cousins can wear complimenting dresses if you don’t want them to be matchy-matchy.  The sizes are below the photos.

Dresses to borrow from photographers

Blue Short Dress
Size 8
This dress looks great at the beach!

Classic beach photos

Classic White
Size 7
Girls in White Dresses

What to wear for a photo session at the beach

Light Blue Long Dress
Size 8
Mermaid color

peach dress

Peach with grey polka dots
Size 7
Just Peachy!

Beach Shutters Photography

Long Dark Pink
Size 6

at the beach for photography

Grey and White
Size 7

Dress up for family portraits

White with pink trim spaghetti straps.
Size 7

Perfectly dressed

White with rosebuds & ribbons.
Size 6

Beach Chic Photos

Beige with Flowers and velvet ribbons. Size 7

red and off white clothing

Red and Off-White
Size 8

Beach dress

Pastel stripes
Size 7

Bring your accessories!

Barefoot is best at the beach, but bring any other accessories that compliment your dress. Pearls, earrings, bracelets, or a bow/flowers for hair are suggested but not required. Well Dressed Wolf Dresses speak for themselves and make the best photos! The dresses are our photographer’s choice for the best dressed 22!

Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach offers dresses to wear for pictures.

Do you like the background? These photos were taken at the Coastal Arts Center. If you would like to use this photo location, instead of the beach, let us know.