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Why only edited photos?

Why I deliver only edited photos.  Photography is art, and it is my intention to create a piece of art that has a personal touch.  You and your family are the subjects of your own personal masterpiece!  For this reason, I edit all of my images.  I will go through a basic step by step process with each photo I choose for your collection.  Starting with the basic composition. I simply straighten the horizon and crop the image.  This gives me my canvas to work with.  Next, I remove any unwanted people in the background or distractions, such as beach toys, buildings, signs or trash cans.  I want it to look like you and your family are the only ones at the beach, and we all know that is rarely the case.  There, that is much better!

Your beach day may not have been ideal, but in your photo, it will be better than you remembered.  I simply enhance the clouds, sky, and water for a more pleasing effect.  Then, I make the sunset slightly more dramatic, the water and sky a little bluer, or the seagrass greener.  I bring the exposure down and play with the contrast until I find a nice balance that adds to your photo and takes nothing from you and the family.  Now that’s better already!

Now for the most important part.. You!

My next step is to remove any imperfections on the skin. Such as blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles (unless that makes the subject unnatural).  However, I am a big fan of freckles and scars, so unless I am specifically asked to remove these, I think they add character.  Now for those eyes, they need to sparkle, don’t they!  Sometimes I add some color especially if the eyes are blue, grey or hazel.  I am careful to keep it realistic though.  Next, on any eye color, I bring up the exposure a few points, along with some clarity and saturation.  This gives the eyes more attention than any other facial feature.  Since you’re smiling at me, I must brighten your smile by lightly increasing the exposure and saturation, unless you have been using your White Strips of course!  Now that your smile and eyes are sparkling, I examine your complexion and soften the clarity, unless you have those cute freckles. Then I go on to adjust the color slightly, usually to the yellow side so you are warm and glowing.  Wow!  You look fabulous!

That almost concludes my process. I step back and look for any extra steps needed.

Depending on the time of day, the whole photo may need an adjustment towards the yellow side, for a sunset glow.. or even a blue tint for that clear day look.  How is my clarity?  Some areas may need to be very clear in the foreground, or maybe I need to soften the clarity behind my subjects to bring more attention to the family.  Making all of the above happen requires starting with the Raw setting on my camera being used so that all of these adjustments are made post photo.  For this reason, I never shoot a straight JPEG picture that locks me into the photo as the camera sees it and leaves no room for manipulation. Now I have hopefully made your picture a piece of art that is worthy of that spot above the fireplace.. or at least this years Christmas card!

I hope you enjoyed this post and understand a little more about my photo editing process and why Beach Shutters only delivers edited photos.




Raw images need edits

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Why I edit a photo by Beach Shutters Photography Orange Beach Photographer

Edited photo by Beach Shutters Photography Makes you look even better