Word to your Mother

What does “Word to your Mother” mean? In the hip-hop culture, it is a way to define Truth. If there is one thing I know to be accurate, it is that mamas of all ages love family photos!

Beach Portraits Perdido Key, Florida

Katelyn & Chase have the happiest kiddos, don’t they?

Meet Katelyn & Chase.

Their cute little family of 4 was meeting the extended family in Perdido Key for a vacation together. What was the reason for this road trip? I am glad you asked! It was for Katelyn’s mom, Leslie’s birthday celebration. Everyone was able to make it, and everyone had a good time!

Photography in Perdido Key.

Three Generations of Ladies!

The vacation was lovely.

All of Leslie & Chris’ grown children & their 2 precious grandbabies met at the beach house for family time and sunshine. Dinners were planned, and entertainment came naturally through conversations and grandchildren.

Family photography in Orange Beach

Leslie & Chris’ world, right here on the beach, together!

The gift was memorable.

What do you give your mom for her big day? Everyone is together, so it made sense for Katelyn to hire a professional photographer to take their extended family photos while they were visiting their happy place. Great idea!

Gulf Shores Family Photography

Memories that last a lifetime!

If there could be a word to describe her Mother’s face, it would be “thrilled”!

How special do you think Leslie felt to have all of her darlings together celebrating her? Just look at her face, and you can see the excitement. What an honor for a mother to know that her kids love her so much that they invest their time and money into making the most memorable vacation happen just for her!

Good family photos at the beach.

How sweet it is to be loved by you!

Are you planning a memorable trip to honor a family member?

The beach is the destination for so many great memories. Birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, and reunions are worth documenting with photos. Let Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach meet you for beach portraits. It will be the best souvenir you could ever bring home!

Perdido Key Family Photography

Great time for a sweet couple shot!

Things to do in Perdido Key.

See everyone next time!

That was a good vacation. Word to your mother!