Portrait Clothing

The biggest, where are we going on vacation?  Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, of course!  Next question, which photographer should we choose for our beach photos?  That is easy, Beach Shutters Photography!  Now for the hard problem.  What do we wear for photos!  What are some great ideas for beach portrait clothing?

what to wear for photos in Orange Beach

I like your bow! It helps with flyaway hair at the beach, and it is adorable!

Portrait clothing can be a natural choice for most, and agonizing for others.

Don’t overthink it!  Choose an outfit that you would typically wear.  There is no need to get all fancy; you are at the beach!  On the other hand, if you are an elegant person, go for it!  Anything goes!  The days of all white and khaki are no longer the rule, just one of the many choices.

beach portrait clothing choices

This color palette will match any decor.

If you have a baby in the family, it is fun to choose their portrait clothing first.

After all, the baby is usually the star of the show!  After finding a cute outfit for your little one, you can pick from the same palette for the rest of the family.  There you go natural and done!

family photographers Orange Beach

Soft, muted colors always look beautiful at the beach.

Check the forecast when choosing your outfits.

If you are visiting the beach during the summer, it will be hot!  Heat is a given, so choose your portrait clothing appropriately.  Flowy dresses for girls, shorts, and cotton for the fellas, will always work at the beach.  Now, in the Spring and Fall, your options are more varied.  Sure, the cute sundress is still an option, and your new sweater over it will look great too!

family photographers in Gulf Shores Alabama

This is just an example of one family’s color choices. Please click around our website to see many more great ideas!

Add some color, or don’t!  It is up to you!

When deciding on portrait clothing, there are no rules about colors or patterns.  The beach is a blank canvas of neutrals (which, by the way, look great too, lol). Brighter colors obviously will have more “POP,” while muted, pastels or neutrals will have a softer “watercolor” look.

Mix and match if you would like.

If you have a minute, scroll through our Beach Shutters Photography website and see all of the examples.  One thing that I see regularly is that families don’t always match, but they do coordinate.  Cheat a little, and find a model to imitate.  After all, imitation is the best form of flattery!

Thanks for reading my blog about Portrait Clothing.  If you are planning a vacation to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key, or Fort Morgan, we would love to be your beach photographer!