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As pro photographers in Orange Beach Al, we have fun ideas when it comes to family photography at the beach.  We make sure to get the formal shots and all of the groupings that parents and grandparents want out of the way first.  You know, before the baby cries, or grandad wonders off, lol.

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There is no greater love than a grandmother!

Grab a partner, any partner!

At the end of large family photos, we sometimes play a game where you pick a partner for photos.  This can be your spouse, sibling, child, cousin, or grandparent.  It doesn’t matter who you end up with, there is a special photo coming right afterward.  This is usually one of the best photos of the whole session!

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How much fun can you have with your sister? LOTS!

Maybe it is because everyone is already relaxed, and the photo session is almost over, but the “grab a partner” is a big hit.

Yes, pro photographers in Orange Beach Al should have a few tricks when it comes to capturing candid family photos, and this is one of mine.  It works for all ages, and makes a very intimate photo that will be a sweet memory for the whole family!

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You will always be my person!

Who is your person?

It sometimes surprises me who kids pick to be their partner.  Grandparents are a very popular choice, as well as cousins when there is a large extended family photo session.  Next, you and your partner come up with a pose.  Don’t worry, if nothing comes to mind, remember Beach Shutters Photography has pro photographers in Orange Beach Al.  We have lots of fun suggestions!

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Mama’s little man is growing up so fast!

Now that I have your attention, what happens next?

With larger families, we have each set of partners keep a foot or two between each other, and get a group shot.  This is usually very playful with babies being tossed, grandparents dancing, or cousins twirling.  If it is a smaller family, and we have plenty of time, we take photos of the partners individually.  How sweet is this picture?

Thank you for reading my blog about pro photographers in Orange Beach Al.  We would love to be your family beach photographer while you are visiting the Alabama gulf coast this year.  Beach Shutters Photography specializes in family beach portraits, wedding photography, real estate photos, and senior portraits.  We travel anywhere in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores as well as Perdido Key Florida.  We also periodically travel to Destin, 30A, Seaside and beyond, just ask us!