Are you looking for a Real Estate Photographer in the Orange Beach or Gulf Shores area?

You are doing the right thing!  Hiring a professional Real Estate photographer is very important when selling or renting your real estate property online.

Photography has never been so important in this market than it is today.
The first impression a potential buyer or renter sees when reviewing properties is a photo.  This photo needs to be professional.  It should be taken at the right angle, in the right lighting, and most importantly, with the right equipment.  The features that you wish to emphasize will be brought to the attention of your viewer.  The things you wish to minimize will be lessened.  Composition is part of the game in real estate photography.  By using props, such as patio furniture placed in an inviting position at the entrance of a home, can perk the interest of your client.  Finding the best perspective for each room is a must.  Your Photographer will take several photos of each room to find the angle works.

Camera Equipment for Real Estate Photographer

Beach Shutters Photography uses top of the line pro level cameras and equipment.  Our full-frame cameras and lenses that we use for properties are tailor-made for capturing real estate images.  Drone photos and video clips are also available.

Timing is everything
Most outdoor subjects, whether it be people or real estate, benefit from early or late day lighting.  In the case of homes and condos, a beautiful sunset or sunrise can make any dwelling beautiful.  For the indoor portion of your photography session, mid-day is best.  The sun beaming through the windows make any home appear light and airy.  Turning on every light in the house, or using our external flash can also give the desired look of brightness and balance.

Your job
Keeping it clean!  I like the “less is more” theory when it comes to homes.  If you feel there is too much furniture in a room, loose a piece or two.  Take out most of the nicknacks and personal photos and keep it clean and inviting.  The less busy prints on bedding and furniture, the more eye-catching the photo.  Once everything is as organized, as stain and wrinkle free as possible, it is time to stage.  We believe that staging a room should be kept to a minimum.  A nice place setting, or a few throw pillows to soften a photo is all you need.  If you would like, you may add simple flower arrangement or light a candle or two.  This is more than enough.  You have done your part.  The rest is up to me.

My Job
I edit and deliver high resolution, well edited photos.  Adobe Lightroom is my choice for edits.  I will color-balance, and play with the exposure to find the perfect light for your home.  I take all photos in a RAW format, so I can easily add color, enhance, or soften a photo as needed,   I will remove any obtrusive objects that take away from your photo, such as lamp cords, fire alarms, carpet stains, etc.  This gives the clear and crisp photo that draws the eye to what is important.  After all edits are complete, I deliver your digital images via email.  Photos  will be delivered to you in high resolution (5400 long edge) and can be enlarged, used for flyers, magazines, or online.

Beach Shutters is your Real Estate Photographer!  Let’s schedule a shoot that will bring out the very best in your home or rental property.