Santa Photos in Orange Beach

Don’t you just love the idea of Santa Photos at the Beach!  

Welcome to our third year of Santa photos in Orange Beach!  Every year just gets better.  We have had so much fun being creative with props and poses.  It has been fun seeing the same child come back, a little bigger and a little more excited to see Santa!  We love the unique experience that living on the beach offers.  There is nothing more Norman Rockwell style than a Santa in a Hawaiian shirt with a surfboard, surrounded by gifts and your child!  Kids love the idea of telling Santa what they want for Christmas at the beach.  This is a fun afternoon for them.  It is usually a warm day in November when we offer these sessions.  This means it is the perfect temperature for a walk on the beach afterward.  There are no lines because we do mini sessions every 10 minutes.  

Two photographers are there to capture your child’s visit with Santa!  

We both use different lenses to get 2 totally different perspectives.  One is a variable lens to capture the whole scene.  The other lens is a portrait lens for that dreamy close-up of your child and Santa.  All photos are well edited as you would expect from Beach Shutters.  Everyone in the background at the beach is removed.  Your edits will include the removal of trash cans, signs and any litter that happens to make it into our photo.  The background is enhanced.  The exposure is lightened, brightened and balanced.  Teeth are whitened if needed, as well as eyes enhanced.  Blemishes are gone and some wrinkles, but you didn’t have any of those anyway!  Your photo is cropped and composed to be pleasing to the eye.  Usually, within the week your magical Christmas photos are delivered in a digital format and ready to be printed.  

These make the most Fairy Tale memories!  Every year you will look back at the photos and be thankful you took the time to stop by for Santa Photos in Orange Beach!