Scheduling a Beach Photo Session

Several suggestions come to mind when we are scheduling a beach photo session. Let’s start with the time of day. Are you an early bird or a night owl? How about the rest of your party? As you may or may not know, beach photos are best when taken just after sunrise or before sunset.

Orange Beach, Alabama photographers

Good Morning from the Oswalt Family in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Poll the audience & schedule according to your own family’s needs. Parents and teenagers usually like the idea of sunset. Babies and toddlers, however, are worn out by the end of a day on the beach. For this reason, our smallest vacationers are happier in the morning hours.

photographers in Gulf Shores, Al.

Sunrise & Sunset offers the soft lighting that we love!

Why not mid-day?

We do not recommend taking photos a mid-day for three reasons. When the sun is overhead, even with clouds, it is bright! The beach doesn’t offer shade & the sand intensifies the brightness. Squinting is a thing! Shadows are the other issue during the daytime. They can be harsh, and there is nowhere to hide. Lastly, the heat! Oh, man, the heat will have you sweating!

Perdido Key Fl. photographers.

We can get great action shots as the morning sun becomes more intense.

Now that that is settled let’s get back to the original question.

Sunset or Sunrise? Both times of day are equally as beautiful. This can also be equally as troublesome, depending on the daily forecast. Let the age, bedtimes, and dinner schedules make your decision because the golden hour is the golden hour. Morning and evening both have the same possibilities.

Sandcastles in Orange Beach.

As the boys lose interest in photos, they can still be captivated by the sandcastle! Cute prop!

What day of vacation is best for scheduling a beach photo session?

I am glad you asked! The beginning of your vacation works best for several reasons. Sunburn is the top reason to schedule early. It happens to the best of us. We use sunscreen, but still, we burn. Another top reason for scheduling a session early is Mother Nature. If it happens to rain on your parade (photo day), we need time to reschedule.

Scheduling a photo session

Babies and toddlers are happier in the morning. It is a fact, Jack!

What time of year is best for scheduling a beach photo session?

Any! Each season has its perks. Fall is lovely, and the water is usually at its most evident. Winter is quiet, and we have the place to ourselves. Spring is excellent, and the weather is cooler, so there is no sweating. Summertime is when the sea oats are at their greenest.

Photo cred: Cynthia, Beach Shutters Photographer

Sunrise at the Point in Orange Beach, Alabama.