Seeing You Smile

Seeing you Smile makes me smile, too! This sweet family of 4 visits the beach yearly with their extended family. I have been lucky enough to be their photographer since these sweet kiddos have been around.

Great Beach Photographers in Orange Beach, Al.

Proud parents with their happy kiddos. It is beach week!

When the kids get along, it is beautiful!

Look at those sweet faces, and try not to smile back! They love each other so much, and it shows. Mom, Danielle, and her husband have that adoring look we often see in photos. Just watching the kids interact makes parents happy without any instructions from me. The smiles are all natural & that is the very best kind!

Gulf Shores photographers

When you smile, they smile!

Kids grow up way too fast!

If we are lucky, what do we get, 18 summer vacations with our darlings? Why not make the most of it? Plan your trips and vacation like kings & queens! Eat the fancy foods, drink the expensive wine, take the charter fishing trip, and hire an Orange Beach photographer! You will want to document these moments!

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Kisses & Love!

You have an awesome family. True Story.

Taking family photos is necessary. We cannot wait to lose that last 20 lbs. or grow out the bad haircut. By then, you will be dealing with your teenager’s acne, or someone will be in college and cannot attend. Make it happen in real-time and in real life! You are perfect just the way you are, and when you look back at your photos over the years, you will see it too. All is good right now!

Beach portraits by Beach Shutters Photography

One day he will be grown up, but not today!

Seeing you smile makes your children happy.

The kids are always watching their parents. You are their first love and always their very own personal superhero. When you smile, they smile! Create your own happiness and let them see it. Really, happiness is contagious, and when you live in the same house, you’ll catch it!

Bring those smiles & happy faces to the beach as often as possible. When you do, take the photos, print them on large canvas & post them all over your social media. Life is good, and here for our enjoyment, one vacation & one photo frame at a time!