Send Your Friends

Beach Shutters love it when you send your friends to us for photos! This is Aly. She saw her friend Lauren’s pictures on a Facebook group last month. She then decided that she would arrange photos for her mother-daughter vacation too. I am so glad she did!

beach portraits of mom and girls

Mother-Daughter photos are so very special!

We thank you for your referrals!

A referral tells us you enjoyed your experience enough to send your friends. That is big to any photographer, especially in this case. Aly happens to be a photographer herself. When another photographer chooses Beach Shutters, that is a huge compliment!

beautiful beach portraits

Peyton had fun at her birthday shoot!

Princess Peyton!

The reason for this vacation was to celebrate Aly’s daughter’s birthday. Peyton wore the perfect party dress for her photos and brought another favorite dress to change halfway through. Both adorable!

photographers in Gulf Shores

Mom needed a photo also. Aly, you look so pretty!

Pretty sunset!

Aly chose Perdido Key for her photo location. She made a great choice. The dunes are at their greenest, and the sunset is very colorful. These ladies got a magnificent setting that matched their beauty. They deserved it!

Perdido Key photos

This evening was amazing!

Peridido Key rocks!

In case you haven’t noticed, we do love to take photos at Johnson’s Beach in Perdido Key, Florida. The natural beaches are so perfect. I immediately relax as soon as I enter the park & enjoy the next mile of scenery on the way to meet my photo family.

beach portraits Perdido Key

The sunset!

If you are in doubt about a photo location, ask us!

We will give you our best advice on where to take photos. We have several options to suggest depending on where you are staying, and the time of day you are scheduling photos. Sometimes the best location is on your private rental beach! Let us know where you are visiting, how mobile your family is, and what is most convenient for your crew. We will work with you!

send your friends to Perdido Key


Again, send your friends! We will take great care of them & make every effort to get great photos. Eventually, we would hope that your friends send their friends. It keeps on going! All you Gulf Shores and Orange Beach vacationers, we thank you for your business!

Photographers in Orange Beach Al.

We love Perdido!