How about that sky! Yes, everyone wants beach photos. They love the light and airy look that comes naturally at the water’s edge. The Gulf of Mexico is one of America’s most photographed stretches of land. I can certainly see why. White sandy beaches add their crispness to a family photo, not to mention a bit of greenery. We get to choose a location based on all of these, but the sky changes daily. Let’s call the sky our “cherry on top” addition to an already exquisite background.

skies enhanced with photoshop

Pretty skies make me happy!

beach photos in Orange Beach

Skies over the Gulf in Alabama.

Beach Shutters always enhances the sky in your family photos.

Your images are edited before delivery to not only whiten teeth & brighten eyes but also bring your background to life with enhancements. There is a reason vacation beach photos are so popular. Location, location, location! The scene is the perfect setting for family portraits. We are very conscious of this, so Beach Shutters makes sure to back away from the family to get the “whole picture” in a few shots.

good vacation Orange Beach

Did you see that sunset? Yes, we have it hanging in our living room!

Orange Beach Alabama sunsets

That was a great day!

Photo sessions are at sunrise or sunset.

Now you know why! The mood starts to change as the sun hits the horizon. Magical colors appear on most days, and the water reflects the day’s sky. For this reason alone, we love this time of day. It can stop you in your tracks sometimes. You never know what color we will get either. It may be pink, gold, orange, purple or blue. Regardless, it is a magical time of day for family beach portraits!

Sunrise skies in Gulf Shores

Beautiful mornings start early around here!

The sky is the limit.

Want to hear some good news? We are no longer limited to the “sky of the day.” If your session lands on a less-than-perfect gray afternoon, don’t despair! Beach Shutters to the rescue with a new horizon for your beach portraits! Yes, we do have the capability to transform a drab evening into a lovely sunset. Now, if we could only control the wind & temp, lol! At least it will look like you were at the beach on a beautiful day!

Sky photography in Perdido Key

Polka dot skies

sunset Gulf Shores Alabama

Naturally beautiful skies!