Mom had her heart set on Smallwood’s prints of each boy, printed in her living room. That is precisely what she got! Each child got an individual photo; then, we went to work taking family beach portraits. She said afterward that she got more than expected from her photographer and her boys especially! I am so excited to see the final result. I asked her to text or email a photo of her framed pictures as soon as she gets them shipped from Smallwoods.

Family Beach Photographers in Gulf Shores, Al.

Everyone is together. That makes mama happy!

I have had several clients use Smallwoods.

So far, they have all been happy, not only with the quality but the price. The company is an online service that prints photos in various designs and delivers them with a rustic frame. The style fits perfectly with farmhouse and coastal decor. The rustic feel is perfect for this boy’s mom’s taste; she says she lives in a boy’s world. Nothing fancy!

Gulf Shores Alabama photographers

Family Fun at a Photo Session in Gulf Shores!

Simple, sweet, and sturdy!

That is what she wanted, and that is what she will get. At one point, the boys got hot playing on the beach, so they took their shirts off. I snapped a photo, and in my opinion, it showed the boy’s true personality. Suntanned, on the beach, hanging out with the boys!

Boys at the Beach in Orange Beach, Alabama.

All Boy!

I am proud of this busy lady.

She ran a tight ship with the boys. They stayed in line with mama while having a good time at the beach. Every single one of them was polite and well-mannered when speaking to their parents and me. Best of all, when they went to leave, the older kids pushed little brother in a wagon for mom & dad.

Alabama beach photography.


She was not too busy with family photos.

Like all of us, we are always on the go. I am happy to see families that take time out of their busy lives to schedule family photos. When you research family photographers in Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, we hope you land here with Beach Shutters Photography!

Smallwoods prints at the beach.

Just the boys.
Mom’s heart right here.

Orange Beach family photography.

And one more of mom & dad. Romantic!