A Condo at LaRiva Staged for Real Estate Photography

Today I had the opportunity to reshoot a condo that had been professionally staged for real estate photography!  After taking the first round of photos, the realtor decided to have the condo staged.  What a difference decluttering and removing a few pieces of furniture made.  Take a look at my before and after photos and see the difference for yourself.

Here are a few tips that are very helpful.

When it comes to selling or renting a property, I have found that less is more.  This means removing all personal items such as family photos (I know, boo-hoo) and any nick nacks, toys and books.  Clean any stains from the floors, and if your walls are not already painted a light, neutral color, then grab a paintbrush.  Display only a few art pieces or arrangements, and you will be almost completely staged for real estate photography!

Just because it was expensive, doesn’t me it looks good in photos.

In this particular case, the oriental rugs needed to be replaced with a solid color rug.  Now granted, the original rugs were expensive, they darkened the space and made it busy to the eye.  The replacement rug blends with the flooring and adds only texture, which softens the photo.  Removing one of the two coffee tables and half of the art and books also decluttered the room and made it look larger.

Turn on the lights!

The first thing I do when photographing a home or condo that has been staged for real estate photography is turn on the lights.  Not only do I turn on every overhead light and lamp, but I also open all blinds and curtains as well.  I try to only shoot photos on sunny or partly cloudy days.  This makes your place light and airy.

Isn’t that better!

staging for Real Estate Photography

Before Photo

Hey, the competition is out there!  Taking a few extra hours can make such a difference when preparing for real estate photos.  I am so happy this owner went the extra mile to stage it properly!

Staged for Real Estate Photography this living room is the heart of this unit.

After Staging

real estate photographers

After Staging

Thanks for reading my blog on real estate photography today!  When you have a minute, see my other recent blogs about family beach portraits, senior photos and wedding photography.