Sunrise Photography

Let’s talk about the advantages of sunrise photography in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.  The first question we ask when scheduling family photos in Orange Beach is usually what time of day would you like to take photos?  Sunrise or sunset are the two times of day that we have soft filtered lighting that is great for photos.  Rarely does anyone answer sunrise, but if they do, they are in for some wonderful photo

Good Morning!

What are the advantages of sunrise photography?  My personal favorite part of a sunrise session is the fact that we have the place to ourselves.  There may be a few folks up and on the beach early in the morning, but it is nothing compared to sunset.  Secondly, it is cooler in the mornings.  Before the heat of the day takes over, we get the nice morning temps which are usually the coolest part of the day.

sunset and sunrise photography

Sunset or Sunrise photography

Calling all early birds, young and old, we do sunrise photography!

Are you thinking about sunrise photos yet?  Let’s see, we still get the same advantage as sunset.. soft lighting and no squinting plus 2 extra benefits!  When we talk about cooler temps, that means less sweating, and all of our moms and dads like this fact.  Fewer people on the beach means we can get a great spot on the rocks at Alabama Point East, without having fishermen and other families in our way.

It is a great reason to get up in the morning!

Just think, you have everyone up, dressed, photos taken and your day has just gotten started.  After a nice breakfast at one of our many eateries, you have the whole day to yourself!  Nothing to worry about except getting a nap by the pool later in the afternoon!  Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach would love to be your sunrise photographer!