Orange Beach Sunset Family Photographer – At the Beach Club in Gulf Shores

Orange Beach Sunset Family Photographer – At the Beach Club in Gulf Shores.  This happy family plans a reunion once a year, at the Beach Club on Fort Morgan Road in Gulf Shores.  The resort is about 30 miles from town, so when you are there, you are away from everything except what is important, family!  Meet the Musick’s!  I am so blessed to have this family as a repeat client.  Today for our session, we had clear skies, calm seas, and happy babies!

The best time of day for photos is either right after the sun comes up, or just before it sets.

Most people choose the latter, and I don’t blame them.  Sunset is my favorite time of day.  The lighting is soft, and the shadows are long.  The evening is easy on the eyes, literally.  You don’t have to squint this time of day.  So when planning your family photos, make sure you hire a sunset family photographer.

Sunset family photographer Gulf Shores

Happy to be with you!

Sunset photographer Orange Beach


grandparents on the beach in Gulf Shores photos

The Grandparents still have it!

Family reunion photographer in Gulf Shores

Life is better with you, you & YOU!

Here is a little sneak peak of the photos we took today.

Oh my goodness!  What cuties!  I had the pleasure of meeting not one but three new additions for this visit!  I just love that their family is growing, and I get to see them each year.  When we met, it was a bit hot, but shorty it began to cool off, which makes you realize why hiring a sunset family photographer is best.  The sky gets better and better as the magical moment approaches.. and then, our time together fades away, until next time!

It was so great to see you all again!

I had a blast, and I am already looking forward to next year. Thank you for choosing Beach Shutters Photography to be your sunset family photographer while you are vacationing in Gulf Shores Alabama!


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