Teenagers at the Beach

Brandy & her teenagers are at the beach. What a treat for mom to have her almost grown kiddos join her for a vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama. She thinks they may not continue hanging out with Mom much longer, but I know a secret. If she comes to the beach, they will happily tag along at any age!

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Mom, Thanks for the vacation!

Plus, Brandy is a pretty cool mom!

She planned activities around her kid’s interests. They spent much time fishing on the water, which is Eli’s favorite activity. Tatum & Lainey love the beach, so Mom made reservations at a condo with all the beach & pool activities that two sisters can handle. She also took the teens shopping and out for seafood dinners.

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Vacations allow us to connect with our kids.

What are the benefits of bringing teenagers to the beach?

I am glad you asked. The teenage years get a bad rap & can be hard on kids and parents alike. Relationships between the two can be strained as kids want independence, and Mama wants to hang on to her darlings a little longer. A great time to reconnect and strengthen the parent/teen relationship is by vacationing together. The planning brings you together. Car rides are good places to bond. Once you arrive, there are so many activities for all ages to enjoy together; making memories happens naturally.

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Enjoy your time together.

Family vacations are fun for all ages.

Start the tradition of a family road trip while they are young. When your babies are teenagers, they will want to continue the beach vacations that brought so much joy to childhood. Later, I bet those grown kids will keep the tradition alive as it goes full circle. Take the time and make the memories.

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Sisters make the best friends.

Plan the vacation, be the Hero!

Orange Beach & Gulf Shores have all the ingredients for a fun-filled family vacation. Beach Shutters Photography has the camera equipment to capture your memories. Sounds like a plan!