Tell Your Life Story

Photos are the best way to tell your life story.  All of the chapters are not going to be happy, but they are still your story, so write it well.  This particular family just finished a not-so-happy chapter of mom’s life.  She has been battling cancer for the past year.  Now that she is cancer-free, she wanted to celebrate with family photos.

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A walk on the beach is the best medicine!

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This was not a chapter that mom wanted to write, but it was what she was presented with.  Now that she is a survivor, she can tell her story with a smile.  The next few chapters will be less about the fight and more about dance.  In particular, dancing with her hubby and daughter!

document with photos

It has been a tough year, but we made it!

It is tempting to wait until everything is perfect for family photos.  Don’t wait!

Let me tell you a secret, there is never a perfect day.  Don’t wait to lose the weight, grow out the hair or get in better shape.  Just take the photos!  Life is happening now, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  This is it, tell your life story!

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Mom’s biggest cheerleaders!

Fighting cancer, going through chemo, and still this beautiful!

That is picture-worthy, for sure!  Stop, smell the roses, take the vacation, and live in the moment.   We can all agree that every day is a gift, let’s use the gift wisely.  Enjoy every second of every day, it passes so quickly!

Tell your story with family photos at the beach

Tell your story at the beach!

Tell your story with more than words.

The way we live our lives shows not only to our family but to the whole world.  Everyone that we come in contact with is part of our story.  Yes, cancer is a word, but it is not a sentence.  Let the rest of your story climax to a happily ever after!

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Another day, another happy ending!

Illustrate your story with photography.

Family photographers make art that illustrates your life story.  Take the time to call your local photographer and schedule a session today!  For those of you vacationing in Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, Orange Beach or Perdido Key, call Beach Shutters Photography to photography your vacation chapter this year.