The Art of Photography

One of the greatest experiences in life is travel, the art of photography can save our travels for a lifetime!

Recently, Trey and I were able to spend some time in the Florida Keys.  During our travels, we saw and photographed many new people, places and landscapes.  Today I would like to share a few of my favorite memories from our trip.

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I love the shadows and leaning trees in this photo.

We plan on printing many of these memories on canvas to display in our home.

If you love any of these photos, they all can be purchased for you to print and display in your home also.  I really love the art of photography, and I am so very thankful to have had my camera handy to capture some amazing shots at the beach during our travels this month.

landscape photography art

Our favorite snorkel spot.

Photos not only allow us to remember our experiences but to share them with the world.

For this very reason, the art of photography has become increasingly popular.  At no other time in history have we been able to share our experiences so readily.  Social media has brought us into new territory and has allowed us to share parts of our lives through photos that we could have never imagined.

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The long, long pier.

I wouldn’t dream of traveling without my camera!

When packing for a vacation, the first few items on my packing list are cameras, chargers, and phones.  We live in a world that is dependant on shared experiences through the art of photography.  Whether we are taking a day trip to our local beach in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, or trecking across the country, photos are very important.

The Art of Photography in Orange Beach Alabama.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!

Vacation photos make the best art.

Since it is your vacation, your family,  your “happy place”, or maybe all three… things are personal.  I think the artwork that is displayed in your home should be personalized.  This is why I believe that your vacation portraits are so very important.

vacation portraits in Orange Beach Al.

Twin Palms.

Thank you for reading my blog about the art of photography.  Not only is Beach Shutters Photography a landscape photographer, but we are also family, wedding, and real estate photographers.  We would love to be your Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, photographers!

art of photography by Beach Shutters in Orange Beach

Now that was a beautiful sunset!