The Local Photographer

When you live in the area, being the local photographer to Gulf Shores, residents is very flattering! Melanic says she had time to look at local work and decided Beach Shutters was the one for her family!

Family beach portraits in Gulf Shores

It is a rare siting to see the whole family together!

Very Important Visitors were coming to town!

Who are these VIVs? The family, of course! Melanie lives at the beach, so she has something unique to offer her crew. A beach vacation is the best perk when luring grandchildren across the country!

Beach Shutters Photography

The Grandchildren are the reason for the season!

When Mama lives at the beach, we all have a vacation destination!

This is true at my house, too. Melanie shares my joy in having the family gather at her home for holidays and summer vacations. This particular gathering was significant for the family because it had been a long time since everyone had been together at the same time.

Beach photos in Alabama

Engagement photos are in progress!

What is the other reason the local photographer was needed?

A new family member is being added. JulianVan is engaged! Everyone knows engagement photos are best at the beach, right? There you have it, the perfect storm of family photo prerequisites: engagement, vacation, beach, and family! Put it all together at the beach; your photo opp is a must!

Alabama beaches

Who knew that Alabama beaches were so incredible?

When Mom is happy, we are all happy.

There is no more accurate statement. As you can see, all went well with the photo session. We met at the local state park, Beach Pavilion in Gulf Shores, for beach portraits at sunset. The weather was excellent, the kids were excited, and the family was the sweetest!

A local photographer takes beach portraits.

Enjoy your vacation!

I love my job!

Being the local photographer in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores is not something I take lightly. I am honored whenever a resident chooses Beach Shutters to take their family, senior, engagement, or wedding photos. Thank you to my community for supporting local business owners!

Alabama beach walks

Do you think they will visit again soon? Most definitely!

See Ya at the grocery store!