The Rocks in Orange Beach

Where are the rocks in Orange Beach, Alabama?  The locals call it the Pass, but it is also called Florida Point or Alabama Point East.  Whatever you call this location, everyone loves this photo location!  Meeting at the rocks is best in the morning.

Sunrise photos are bright and beautiful!

Good Morning from Alabama Point East.  This is an example of family photos taken at the pass.  Breanna knew she wanted to use this photo location, so she warned her hubby and teens that they would be waking up early!

the rocks Orange Beach

Still at the Pass & even more beautiful backgrounds.

Why sunrise?

That is easy.  This particular photo location is busy in the evening.  It draws a crowd for sunset and photographers come from all over to get the perfect photo at sunset, not to mention the sunbathers & fishermen.  At sunrise, we may have a fisherman or 2 in our background (easy to edit out) but for the most part, we have the place to ourselves!

It is cooler in the morning at the rocks in Orange Beach.

One of the biggest advantages of meeting in the morning is the cooler temperatures.  Instead of walking on hot sand, we have refreshing cool sand under our feet.  Do we have your attention yet, lol?

jump at the beach

There are traditional beach photos to be had at the pass also.

Photographers love the rocks in Orange Beach for many reasons.

There are backgrounds that are pretty in all directions.  Rocks, dunes, sea oats are just the beginning of our 360 views.  How about a sand trail, a field of seagrass, and a long wooden walkway?  These are all great shots that we can get here at the rocks in Orange Beach.

happy photos in Orange Beach

The sun is not blocked by any condos at this photo location. Alabama Point East rocks!

Meet us at The Pass, for magical photos.

When scheduling your photo session in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Alabama, let us know if you prefer the rocks as your location.  We will do our best to talk you into a sunrise session.  Tell the kids there will be doughnuts afterward and you will be the first ones to the pool for the day!  It is a little harder to convince dad.  Just tell him, photos will be over and done, early!

family photography at the rocks in Orange Beach

Our last shot of the morning. Started great & ended beautifully.