Beach Shutters is your Turquoise Place photographer!

Beach Shutters is your Turquoise Place photographer!  There are actually several condos in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores that photograph well.  The Turquoise is this is one of them.  There are dunes, sea oats, and water views available at this upscale condo.  When scheduling your family photos, please mention to your photographer that you are staying at the Turquoise Place.

 What other condos photograph well?

There are several beach houses and condos that make wonderful backgrounds.  Besides the Turquoise Place, we have found that several of the Phoenix condos make great pics.  Your photographer can meet you at your condo and save you the trouble of packing up the family and heading to the public beach.  Here is a list of some condos that we have had very successful shoots:

Turquoise Place, Phoenix West, Phoenix West 2, Phoenix 5, 6 & 7, Eden, Perdido Beach Resort, Palms, Tides hotel and the Hampton Inn.

photography at the Turquoise Place in Orange Beach Alabama

You & Me & Baby make 3

Turquoise Place photography

You lift me up

If you are staying at a condo that is not listed, please feel free to ask us about it.

Chances are, we have taken photos there before and know what it has to offer.  Condos such as the Turquoise Place and several of the Phoenix’s have one thing in common.  They are not right next to another condo.  This allows your photographer to position your family so that the background consists of dunes and ocean, instead of buildings.

Many Beach houses offer the same conveniences of these condos.

Luckily, many of our Orange Beach or Gulf Shores rental homes are located on very picturesque beaches.  Some of the neighborhoods that photograph well are Romar Place, Kiva Dunes, and Beach Club.  Again, just ask us about your rental home or condo.

What happens if we are not staying at one of these condos?

If you find that your condo is packed with beach chair/umbrella set-ups and tourists, we can meet at the public beach.  There are a few in Orange Beach that offers a mix of backdrops including dunes, boardwalks, and sea oats.  To see a map and description, please click locations in the top menu of our website.

Have a great vacation, Whether you are staying at the Turquoise Place, or another condo, we want to be your photographer!