Warm Summer Tones

Have you noticed the new editing styles are leaning towards the warm summer tones? Instagram is full of examples of this whole new look. It’s not necessarily better, just different! What do you think about the latest trend? I am a fan, but I would love to hear your opinion, too!

Warm, moody vibes vs. light & airy?

I normally edit with a beachy vibe, in keeping with a vacation-happy feel. I aim for the natural colors of the beach and then pump up the saturation (especially the blues) while bringing up exposure to achieve a light and airy photo. There I go, giving away all my editing secrets, lol!

The latest trend is to remove saturation and slightly reduce the exposure while introducing the orange, red, and yellows. In both cases, I watch the sand & try to keep it in the white family and not too yellow or blue.

What differences do you see?

In the light and airy version, I see the whole picture and take in the beauty of the landscape. The warmer tones allow the subject to become the focus, giving the photo a “Portrait” feel as it draws my eye to the subject rather than the background.

Warm tones used in photo editing.

Moody Warm Tones. I see the subject first!

Instagram photo editing styles

Bronze & trendy!

Beach photos edited in a light and airy style.

Our traditional light & airy editing style.

Editing styles for beach portraits.

Blues and exposure bring out the whole picture, especially the background.

Bronze and golden edits do allow for warm summer tones.

Warm is quite a change for me, as I usually use the blues in the cooler beach-themed editing style. Change is good. Even if it is for just a season, I can see the appeal and happily adjust the style according to your (my sweet client’s) preferences.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to mess with a good thing, we can always stick to the original “what has always worked” version of edits, especially for those of you who like to display your photos side by side. Keeping the style uniform would be beneficial in this case.

This year, I will slightly pull back on the blues and bring in more warm tones, letting the photo take the lead (some lend themselves to a vibrant look, especially when the sky is showing off with color). Unless you tell me differently, I will ever so slightly, gradually take Beach Shutters’ editing style in a new, modern direction. You may have seen a shift if you have been with us for the past ten years. In years 1 and 2, we were over the top saturated & colorful. We gradually brought in a light & airy look; now, we will slide in a warmer direction between the two examples.

If you have an editing preference, please let us know when booking or at your session. We are happy to accommodate & love striving to exceed your expectations in our photo experience and your final product.

Edit!   After an unofficial Facebook poll, we have decided to keep our photos Light and airy unless otherwise requested. So many of our clients, past and present, responded to this blog, and the majority said, “Don’t change.” You have spoken; we are listening!

So you will continue to see more photos like these: Our traditional beach edits.

Beach Photographers in Gulf Shores

Beach Days with Blue Tones.

Orange Beach Photographers that edit photos.

Happy photos need Happy tones!