We Eloped

We Eloped and headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama! Eli and Jaylen have a sweet story. The cute couple went to high school together but did not date. When heading to college, Eli discovered that Jaylen would attend the same school. She made contact with him, and the rest is history!

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Just Married!

Eli wanted engagement photos.

Beautiful Eli contacted me to say she and her long-time boyfriend, Jaylen, were coming to Gulf Shores. She wanted engagement photos, knew he would ask her to marry him soon, and hoped to have a ring by the time they arrived.

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So in love!

I was excited for her photo day to arrive.

As I sat waiting for them on the swing near the state park entrance, I wondered how we would handle photos if she didn’t get the ring she wanted. Here they come! She is smiling; that is a nice hint, haha!

Wedding photos at the beach.

You may kiss the bride!

We Eloped!

The first thing I noticed was the giant sparkler on her left hand. So, he proposed? “Yes, not only did he propose, but we eloped here!” How fun! Our engagement photo session turned into a wedding photo, just that quick!

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Forever starts now!

Congratulations Eli & Jaylen!

Skipping the extensive wedding works for some people, me included! I can see the appeal, even as a photographer, of eloping. This sweet couple has time to enjoy each other’s company at the beach and upgrade their honeymoon rather than plan a wedding for everyone else to attend. I get it!

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After the vows

I am looking forward to our next meeting.

Now, I follow Eli on Instagram to continue watching their journey. She and I joked about taking family photos next. It’s somewhat of a joke, but you know she and Jaylen will return soon. Anniversary photos, family beach portraits, or just for fun pics. It is a plan!

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