What Are You Wearing?

What are you wearing for your beach photo session? The choices are as endless as the rainbow! Beach sand, sea oats, and the Gulf of Mexico match everything! The natural background of the seashore and the beautiful sky create many possibilities.

What to wear for family photos.

Good as Gold!

What are the popular colors?

For a couple of years, rust, orange, and shades of gold have been the “in color.” So, if you want to know what is popular and Instagramy, here you go! How long will this trend last? It is hard to know, but I think these colors look great against the beachy background and make the subject the photo’s focus.

What to wear for your photography session.

Most Popular Award goes to the “Rust & Brown” color family!

Neutrals blend with the natural beauty of the beach.

Whites, off-whites, tan & khaki work out beautifully every time.

Beach portrait clothing choices

Shades of white & off-white work well.

Blue & Green are the colors of the earth & always coordinate with each other and the surroundings.

Blue never goes out of style and looks good on everyone. If you doubt your clothing choices, all colors of blue work well together, mix with other color choices, and hold their own, like a favorite pair of blue jeans. Plain comfortable!

Wear Blue clothing for beach photos.

Blue & Beach!

Green clothing at the beach.

Go Green

Pretty in Pink!

Pink is not just for little girls. It works for both sexes and is an excellent choice. From Pastel Pink to shades of Burgandy, you cannot go wrong. Even Dad & the boys can rock shades of pink!

Pretty in Pink at the Beach.

Sunset & Pink!

Classic Khaki.

This has been around since the 80s, and everyone loves the 80s! If something has been around this long, don’t change a good thing. Khaki can also substitute blue jeans with white or even black shirts. Now, that is easy to find and will make shopping a breeze.

Classic Khaki & white clothing for photos.

Khaki is a classic!

Mix it up!

Can’t decide what to wear? If you are the gambling type, just go with it! Tell everyone to wear a nice outfit and see what you get. A piece of colorful art will be a masterpiece on your wall real soon!

Photography clothing choices

Mix it up!

Beach Shutters Photography clothing suggestions

Go Bold!

Family photographers Orange Beach.

Soft & Sweet!

What are you wearing to photos?

Wear prints or solids