When the Kids Grow Up

When the kids grow up, will they still vacation with us? The answer is YES! Becky says an invite to the beach is almost always the best way to get all the grown children together. They will drop everything to join the family on vacation.

An extended family vacation in Orange Beach.

When we all get together, what a beautiful family we will be!

Meet Les & Becky & their crew.

With kids aged 12-30, this couple gets to experience all the excitement of parenting. There are 2 weddings in the planning stages and a middle-schooler in the house. This means planning around school schedules and the adult commitments of 6 adults can be complicated.

Couples photography at the beach.

Bring the Boyfriend to the beach!

Things worked out like magic!

An opportunity to attend a convention in Orange Beach presented itself to Les & Becky earlier this year. They accepted the invitation and arranged to bring the 12-year-old during her school break. The older kids and their significant others were happy to join in the fun!

Alabama beach photographers.

When Mama is happy, we are all happy!

A beach vacation is better with a Plus One.

Now that everyone is here, suntanned and beachy, a family photo is a must! There will be many wedding and engagement photo opportunities during the upcoming year, but this is the beach! Salt air, warm breezes, and bare feet give new meaning to casual family photos. Beach Shutters Photography loves the idea of multiple generations vacationing together. There were so many combinations to take photos in this one family unit. Couples photography, all the girls, all the boys, and individuals for the youngest child. Now we all have engagement shots, school photos, and family beach portraits taken simultaneously. One and done!

Gulf Shores Photographers

Engagement photos are incorporated into family portraits.

Will we still vacation together when the kids grow up?

Here is your answer in blue and white! Absolutely, and as often as they are invited! Don’t worry about your pretty little head about your little birdies leaving the nest and flying away. As long as you land at the beach, they will follow you, Mama Bird, which makes us all happy!

Grown Children at the beach taking family photos

When the kids grow up, they will still want to vacation with the family!