Windy Day Photos

Everyone knows that a day at the beach is better than a day at the office, but what about windy day photos?  It is all in the attitude!  In this case, Angie and her men had great attitudes about the wind!

football at the beach in Alabama

Lifestyle photography at its best! They really did run the play.  Mama said, “Bring it”!

Photographers in Orange Beach are also amateur meteorologists!

I spend as much time checking the forecast as I do checking my camera settings!  There is rarely a perfect day at the beach for photos, yet beach photos turn out perfect, lol!  That again has so much to do with your attitude going into it.

It may be hot, it may be cold, and more than likely it will be a windy day at photos!

That is the way it usually works.  Luckily, we have the tricks that we use regularly.  If you have had a session with Beach Shutters Photography, you know that we have a method of arranging a family according to the sun’s position and wind direction.

beach portraits Gulf Shores

We were mindful of Angie’s hair and made sure to stand mom with the wind blowing across her face.

With these windy day photos, I only had to be mindful of Angie’s hair.

She made sure to use plenty of hairspray on herself and the guys.

Hairspray helps us out tremendously at the beach.  Not only for windy day photos but also for everyday humidity!  Pack the hairspray and sunscreen (that is a whole other blog, that is also very important for your beach photo session)!

photographers on windy days at the beach

A little hairspray or gel for the guys is very helpful too!

Keep it casual!

When I saw Angie’s sons showed up for photos wearing swim trunks and carrying a football, I knew we were going to be just fine.  Angie & Russ wanted to capture lifestyle photos, and that is exactly what we got!  The family playing on the beach, making memories, and loving life!

boy mom windy day photos in Orange Beach

Fun photos with Angie & her men! She is the definition of a “Boy Mom”!

I asked Angie if she had any special requests, she said just 3.

She wanted a photo of her family running out of the water.  It was a recreated picture from an earlier vacation.  The second request was a shot of her and Russ.  Lastly, a photo of her boys would complete her session.  We got all of these and more!

family photography in Orange Beach

Posed according to the wind direction, once again!

photographers in Alabama

Notice we got more than one shot of mom & dad!

seagulls in Orange Beach

The birds even joined in! 2 lovebirds and a flock of seagulls, haha.

Beach Shutters Photography would love to be your photographer in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores & Ft. Morgan Alabama & Perdido Key Florida.

P.S.  When we talk about wind, we don’t mean tropical storms or hurricanes.  When the wind is more than 15mph steady, we will start talking about other options.  We can meet at the bay, which is protected, or reschedule if you would like.  We understand that windy day photos are not for everyone.