Your Place or Mine

Beach Shutters Photography can take photos at your place or mine! Please look at our website galleries, blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Google page; you have probably seen the state park backgrounds we suggest. Most of our photos are taken at one of the many parks in the area so that we get the best scenery possible.

Perdido Key Family Photos.

Family photo shoot on your turf!

As you know, there is an exception to every rule.

Holly & Robley have a family condo in Perdido Key. Since this is their special place, taking photos on the beach at their condo made sense. Likewise, the stretch of beach is sentimental, a lovely beach & very convenient for the family to walk out the back door for photos. These are all great reasons to use your place, especially during the off-season. (These photos were taken during the holidays. As you can see, the beach is not crowded, and their family portraits came out great!

Birthday beach photos

Fun Fact:
Savannah & Shaw are twins & they celebrated their birthday at the beach this year!

We took photos at their condo beach instead of the state park.

There are reasons to drive to one of the public parks for beach portraits: sea oats and a coastline view without buildings. Furthermore, there can be obstacles even on a good day at condo beaches. Our backgrounds are limited to backing up to the water’s edge and coastlines with buildings lining the shore. Holly’s family owns the condo, which makes it acceptable and desirable to meet at their condo for this shoot.

Gulf Shores Photographers

Family time means photo time!

The state park perks.

If you are not attached to the beach at your place, there are benefits to meeting at the state park. First of all, the extra space without buildings lining the shore, as I mentioned earlier, is the biggest reason. Secondly, when it is windy, tucking up near the dunes provides a small break in the wind for a better “hair day.” You also get a bonus background of dunes & sea oats. For those of you who like the rocks, meeting at the jetties in Orange Beach at sunrise is worth the extra early alarm clock!

Meeting at your place or mine is as easy as doing homework.

Afterward, decide which background you would like for sunset (sea oats & coastline without buildings- Pavilion, Shell Beach, or Johnsons Beach) or sunrise (rocks are only available at sunrise – Alabama Point East). Finally, for those with mobility issues, there is good news! Several of our local beaches have wheelchair mats! This recent addition affords beach access to everyone! Beach Shutters can help in choosing the best possible location to suit the needs of your entire party.

Please enjoy this video clip of Holly’s Family photo shoot.